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Air brush tan

Norvell dries in 20 minutes!

Look Stunning with Incredible Tanning and Waxing Services

At Cameron Salon, we're about more than just hair and nails - we also offer you spray tanning and waxing services at prices you'll love. Get the bronze or cocoa color you've been dreaming of with our personalized Norvell spray tanning service.

Why choose Norvell spray tanning?

  • Norvell lasts up to 7 days

  • Beautiful cocoa color - no orange skin here!

  • Custom air brush spray application

  • Relax in a private room

  • Spray is done and dried in just 20 minutes

  • Never patchy or uneven

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            $18 WALK IN HAIR CUT SPECIAL!


So, what's a walk in???  An open & nonrequested stylist is available for a haircut when a requested time is not filled.  It's a great deal...but, there is no guarantee on the  time or day during the week that may or may not be open.  That's the chance you take to to get the deal.  There are open

                                       appointments on all days we are open.  No other

                                                 discounts combined with this offer.

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Make sure to take advantage of our excellent facial waxing services too! Contact us for more information and pricing.